Standing out through innovation - the Vidicube

The Vidicube is a lightweight mobile event unit, the design of which is based on a vehicle trailer. The integration of a daylight-capable audio and video system on the roof of the promotional trailer is one of the highly innovative feature of the stand. Up to four SMD screens with a resolution of 6 millimetres and a total area of close to 25 square metres can be mounted in a fold-out device once the box has been assembled. The use of audiovisual media in the mobile Vidicube enables customised, high-impact brand staging. In addition to classical measures such as the presentation of commercials, image films, product videos or for the transmission of live streams, the screens are ideal for direct interaction with the audience. For example, the presentation space can be used as a photo studio and the resulting images can be transmitted directly to the video walls. The integration of interactive games to the promotional stand is yet another tool that generates high attention and creates compelling, emotionally-charged branding experiences.

With a length of 4.5 metres, a width of 2.5 metres and a height of 4.9 metres, the multimedia presentation module enables users to implement outdoor campaigns as well as promotional activities in enclosed spaces. Thanks to the intelligent construction of the Vidicube, many different locations, both indoor and outdoor, can be considered. Stations that quickly follow each other, for example in the context of roadshows, are easily brought to life, since the presentation stand can be quickly assembled, dismantled and easily transported with a minimum of personnel. The showroom can be fully customised according to specific customer requirements and corporate identity, and it can be used open or closed. The deployment possibilities are diverse and range from an information centre with a counter and lounge all the way through to a photo studio or pop-up shop.

Spectra, the Karlsruhe-based manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles, and Screen Visions, the Stuttgart specialists for on-screen marketing and LED video systems, developed the Vidicube in close collaboration. The objective was to find a more cost-efficient and flexible solution for presentation modules – based on standard containers. The successful integration of an audio and video system into a lightweight promotional trailer is absolutely unique on the market. The Vidicube can be rented through Screen Visions and Spectra. 




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