Screen Visions launches the 2019 festival summer with 3000 m² of LED material

To kick off the 2019 festival season, Stuttgart LED specialist Screen Visions travelled all over Europe last week with a total of 3000 m² of LED material.

The LED screens were used for music tours, festivals and many other events. 

During the summer’s first long weekend, Screen Visions LED walls simultaneously provided high-impact images and extraordinary LED moments at several major events. Music festivals such as Rock am Ring (Nürburg) and Rock im Park (Nürnberg), as well as the SWR Summer Festival in Stuttgart and the Hessentag in Bad Hersfeld, where Roland Kaiser gave his best on stage, were among the top events. The LED screens were also used on the Phil Collins and CYBER-GEN tour as well as at an event for an Italian client in Budapest. In addition to the LED technology, the Stuttgart experts at the festivals were also responsible for marketing the advertising times on the video walls. 


LED challenges at Rock am Ring

At the big Volcano Stage at Rock am Ring, Screen Visions used an LED screen in the complete PA wing as well as an additional LED stage header for the first time this year. One challenge was to find a statically feasible solution together with Stageco and Michael Herbst to ensure that the 12 x 12 meter LED wall could withstand extreme wind. Whereas the previously used PVC banners could simply be dismantled when the wind came up, this is not possible quite as quickly with an LED system of 144 m². Dismantling the well-known PVC banners, however, leads to the disadvantage that the sponsor logos are no longer visible. The digital solution in the form of a large LED wall offers the benefit that the sponsor logos remain visible and various content can be displayed. Additionally, it was statically proven that the individual modules and connections to the next module can withstand the strong wind pressure – an important technical advantage at the Nürburgring. Since the festival area is not comparable to a stadium show, in that the LED wall is in use for three days on open space, where unexpectedly strong winds can occur at night, the LED system had to be secured accordingly.


Especially on the first two festival days, there were strong winds with wind force 6 to 7 and gusts with wind force 8 prevailed, which pressed on the LED walls with a force of up to approx. 450 kg/m². For a 144 m² LED screen, this corresponds to a weight of approx. 64 tons. In spite of these strong external forces, the LED walls remained stable throughout the entire event timeframe.


Even more imagery, even more interaction

A further innovation: in addition to the usual live images from the stage, the festival visitors were also shown animations and information about the festival during the stage conversion breaks. For the first time ever, content was not shown in the classic 16:9 image format, but on the entire LED surface. This took place via a Ventuz feed with two play paths for the right and left video wall, which were transmitted to the video wall via a TVN OB van. Whereas the sponsors' commercials were shown in the classic 16:9 playout window, the animations were placed behind them as windows. AVactive from Berlin with Benjamin Brostian and Philipp Kazubowski was responsible for the planning and implementation on site.


For future events of this kind, Screen Visions wants to enable new digital solutions that communicate even more strongly with the audience through ideally suited communicative content and interactive measures, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the event. Screen Visions Media, which is responsible for on-screen marketing at the festivals, has already developed concepts for advertising customers and sponsors and will offer them as a special in 2020.


The entire Screen Visions team was dedicated to mastering the organizational challenges of the last week and to ensuring a smooth process. And we’re off to an unforgettable LED summer!


Pictures:Screen Visions, Fotonoid

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