Safety first when setting up LEDs: Screen Visions hosts first LED Safety Training

Stuttgart, 14.01.2020 – Stuttgart-based LED specialist Screen Visions held its first LED Safety Training in December 2019. The training course with Ralf Stroetmann, expert in event safety, sensitises Screen Visions’ technicians and project planners to the dangers posed by LED walls, therefore better preparing them for potential safety risks when setting up LED screens.

For the first time, Screen Visions organised an LED safety training course for nine of the company’s technicians and eight project planners on 11 December 2019. On the premises of epicto GmbH in Edingen-Neckarhausen, Ralf Stroetmann from b-safe showed participants the various hazards posed by LED walls using numerous case studies. On the following day, the participants were additionally trained in the technical innovations of LED screens


Focus on qualification and sensitisation of technicians                  

In addition to legal requirements and occupational health and safety, the classification of safety risks is an important topic for technicians when setting up LED walls: In highly challenging situations, such as extreme wind or storms, it is up to them to assess the potential consequences and to make the right decision. In order to avoid ambiguity at such moments, the LED Safety Training also clarified and delimited the areas of responsibility. Safety expert Ralf Stroetmann says: “LED systems have become an elementary component of creative event implementation. Of course, mechanical and electrical safety also plays a major role, especially in outdoor areas. In this respect, the introduction of special training for this area is important and consistent.” At the end of the training course, all participants received a certificate confirming that the technicians are qualified to safely set up LED walls. 


Safety measures as a competitive advantage 

There are many reasons for special LED Safety Training, says Roger Rinke, Managing Director of Screen Visions: “Unlike for other areas of specialisation, there is no prescribed qualification for the construction of LED walls. We recognised this shortcoming and that’s why we created the LED Safety Training for our technicians.” The training course in December was considered a trial run for future training sessions, which will take place regularly for Screen Visions technicians and which are a prerequisite for any future collaboration with Screen Visions. With comprehensively trained and safety-certified personnel, Screen Visions is a clear step ahead of the industry.

Pictures:Screen Visions

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