An innovative marketing sensation: New LED banners from Screen Visions

Stuttgart, 27.05.2021 – LED banners are a central marketing component in sports marketing. In recent years, they have evolved significantly in terms of both content and technology. The Stuttgart-based Screen Visions LED specialist now offers an innovative banner system with the best image resolution currently available on the market: the G391 LED banner.

Stadiums without LED video banners? Hard to imagine. They have long been used in soccer stadiums and are now commonplace for a wide range of sports. Whether handball, volleyball, basketball or even triathlons and athletic events – LED banners are used as state-of-the-art advertising space for sports marketing in sports venues of all kinds. They are not only used to present the coop partners’ advertising messages in a creative and animated way. LED banners are also being deployed more and more often as a show and presentation tool at events.

Highest image quality for banner advertising

In addition to the content shown on video banners, the LED technology used is also constantly evolving. In order to cope with the eye-catching advertising content and improved 2K or 4K image creation processes, more innovative broadcasting technology is required. While 10 or 12 mm image resolution was quite common for a long time, indoor sports LED banners have already evolved to 6 or 8 mm solutions. Screen Visions is now heralding a new generation of LED banners: With the G391, the Stuttgart-based experts are now offering an LED banner with 3.9 mm pixel for rental. The innovative video banner with the best image resolution currently available can be used at events of all kinds, both indoors and outdoors.

Flexible application possibilities, high-quality image control

With a light intensity of 5,000 Nit and a high black level due to the Black Face SMD technology used, the new LED banner from Screen Visions achieves a contrast value of 6,000:1 – resulting in brilliant images even when used outdoors. Thanks to a module size of 0.5 x 0.5 m, it can be used variably and creatively. The G391 can also be tilted in various stages and serviced from both the front and the back. The LED banner also sets new standards in terms of image control: With a refresh rate of 9,840 Hz and continuous, 22-bit real image processing, all visual representations – even in super slow motion – can be seen on TV without flickering. With this innovation, Screen Visions is offering LED technology that is currently unique in Europe, and with outstanding picture quality that ensures an exceptional viewing experience.

Pictures: Screen Visions

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