A new year, new innovations - Screen Visions will be offering a transparent LED system beginning in March

Stuttgart, 04.02.2020 – In 2020, Screen Visions will remain a trailblazer in LED video wall solutions. As of March, Screen Visions will offer the INFiLED AM rentable transparent system for the first time, in addition to high-resolution screens and LED cubes.

Transparency as a new feature

Beginning in March 2020, Screen Visions will offer the new INFiLED AM transparent system with a 9.3 mm Black Face finish. Transparency of 80 percent and the slim design of only 58 mm allow for a wide range of applications, for example on stages, facades or even as room dividers or for installation in existing buildings. In combination with suitable content production, highly imaginative digital installations can be brought to life.

Versatile and effective

Furthermore, the mechanical features of the INFiLED AM offer both more flexible application possibilities and logistical advantages. With a weight of 5.6 kg per m², large systems can be installed even in places with little carrying capacity, such as on ceilings or in the roof. The module size of 1.20 m x 1.20 m enables the installation of large system areas with low personnel and time requirements. An integrated cable routing for power and data supply allows a clean installation without large cable harnesses. Exceptionally efficient: With the new flight cases, up to 1000 m² of module area can be transported in just one truck.

A new trend in the event sector

Until now, the rule for trade fairs and events was 'the higher the screen resolution, the better'. Transparent video walls hardly played a role at all, since these were previously only available in very coarse resolutions, or in better resolutions only as fixed installations. There were no rentable transparent modules that could be individually adapted to the needs of event, location and content. It was precisely this deficit that the Stuttgart experts recognised. And for this reason, in the spring of this year, they will be offering modules with a total area of 1,000 m² from a production series as a rental solution for the first time. The strong increase in demand also promises the prospect of rapid expansion. Oliver Hahn, Account Director Sales & Events at Screen Visions, is enthusiastic about the system: “The highest possible image resolution isn’t always the decisive factor. Thanks to transparency, great effects can be achieved that we have hardly ever seen before at events or trade fairs. With the system, different image levels can be created and therefore new looks can be created again and again. There are (almost) no limits to the creativity this innovation opens up.“

Pictures: INFiLED

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