New LED Cube from Screen Visions is a real eye-catcher in the Mall of Berlin

As an expert in marketing and digital promotion, the media department at Screen Visions is offering a new product for the digital out-of-home market:

the eye-catching LED Cube with four playable LED screen surfaces was an absolute eye-catcher for visitors to the shopping center during the two weeks of the premiere of the Mall of Berlin. The LED Cube enables advertisers to communicate and integrate their brands and products directly into the everyday lives of passersby. 


A digital eye-catcher right at the heart of Berlin

At the premiere in Berlin, the LED Cube was used in the outdoor area and as a digital presentation surface for the advertisers’ content. The individual video surfaces with a 6 mm pixel pitch were five meters wide and three meters high. The cube therefore featured a total surface of 60 m². Due to the 16:9 format, the screens were ideally suited for playing moving images. The campaign is therefore much less time- and cost-effective for the advertisers, since they can transfer their moving image content directly to the video walls without having to make any adjustments. Following the introduction of its Vidicube and Vidibox special solutions, Screen Visions is now setting yet another benchmark in the area of marketing advertising time and surfaces as well as digital promotion with the LED Cube. 


The LED Cube stands out with its wide range of applications

The four-sided LED Cube is ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor use. The screens can not only be used as pure advertising media as they were in Berlin, but they can optionally also enable digital interaction with passersby. For example, a camera can recognize people passing by and adapt the content on the LED Cube to what is happening. It is also possible to display posts under a predefined hash tag directly on the LED walls, allowing the cube to be used as a social media wall. In order to find the most suitable display and application for each advertiser, the Stuttgart experts from Screen Visions offer individual advice on the various possible uses of the LED Cube. Moreover, the Cube ensures quick assembly: it can be set up and disassembled within just one day. Additionally, thanks to the unit’s modular design, the size of the LED sides can vary depending on requirements.



Photo: Ralf Rühmeier

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