Track & Field Championships in Berlin

Screen Visions creates big LED moments at the European Track & Field Championships in Berlin.

Stuttgart, 20 August 2018 – Between 7–12 of August 2018, the European Track & Field Championships were held in Berlin's Olympic Stadium, where in 2009 the World Championships took place with the historic 100m world record by Usain Bolt.

Screen Visions, the Stuttgart-based LED specialist, was commissioned by the organising committee to provide all the visual equipment at the event, and to install and oversee LED video systems with a total area of 550 m² (10 mm pixel pitch) and two screen boxes with a 26 m² LED area in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. At the Breitscheidplatz, the experts from Stuttgart also deployed the new UPAD III H5 LED modules in different sizes – 50 m², 40 m² and 16.5 m². Screen Visions hires out the new UPAD III H5 LED material – the latest generation of SMD LEDs for outdoor use. The module is exceptionally resistant, can be used in strong wind and very poor weather conditions, and stands out with its exceptionally high safety standards. All of this made it ideally suited for the European Track & Field Championships. 

Taking on challenges and finding solutions

Before the beginning of the European Championships, the organisers expressed the desire to set the tone with an large-scale 32:9 format. At the last World Track & Field Championships, a highlight was the Marathon Gate, which was covered by a 250 m² video wall. This time, the decision was made to leave the gate open for visual and architectural reasons. After detailed examination, the installation could only take place in the spectator area. Since the load of a video wall of up to 300 m² was simply too great considering static forces, Screen Visions tested the possibility of a suspended version from the stadium roof. After consultation with roofing and test statisticians and the testing of wind force influence on the video system, the specialists were given clearance for the suspended installation of two 275 m² 32:9 video walls. 

A visual highlight: the LED Presentation Gate

Screen Visions installed a unique LED installation at the only access point to the interior of the stadium – the Marathon Gate. Here, the LED experts set up an LED presentation gate. It consisted of a 4.9 mm outdoor LED video wall in the form of a goal frame and a 16:9 backdrop video wall behind it, which could be opened up on demand with the help of motors. This was required, on the one hand, to ensure access for rescue workers at any time and, on the other, to facilitate the entry and exit of technical equipment, such as hurdles. 

A European Mile brings a stadium feeling to downtown Berlin

In addition to the sports venue in the stadium, the European Mile at Breitscheidplatz was another event location in the center of Berlin. The organisers built a small public stadium for the city center and were able to bring the European Track & Field Championships closer to the citizens of Berlin. Here, Screen Visions used another three UPAD III H5 video walls with a 5.9 mm pixel pitch, which were used as a stage back wall and public screening from the Berlin Stadium and from the European Games in Glasgow, or showing the stage events with music or interviews to thousands of visitors. 

Photos: Pierre Johne 

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