30 years of Screen Visions – three decades of LED experience

Stuttgart LED specialist Screen Visions is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 30 years ago, Managing Director Roger Rinke started selling daylight video walls.

Since then, myriad projects and clients have been added, long-term partnerships have been established and countless events have been successfully carried out. Screen Visions has evolved into a very large LED family.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the LED experts look back on the technical changes which took place over the last three decades – while looking very positively into the future. Much has changed for Screen Visions since the company’s very first project in 1989. At the time, Roger Rinke was responsible for the video systems at Joe Cocker's concert to mark Magirus-Deutz's 125th anniversary in Ulm. The truck with the 48 m² video wall weighed 38 tons. Today, the world's largest available truck with the same weight carries 144 m² of LED screen. 


At the pulse of technology for three decades

What followed was one technical innovation after another. In the mid-90s, Screen Visions deployed the first modular video wall, enabling mobile video technology applications. The conversion from CRT to LED technology followed at the end of the 90s. For the first time ever, Screen Visions used an LED wall in collaboration with ARD and Telekom for the 1998 World Cup – the "Tour on Tour" project and "Mit uns am Ball" was the first so-called public screening event. From this point on, the innovative LED walls were indispensable for Screen Visions.

Positive outlook for the future

Today, significant technical innovations are introduced at ever shorter intervals – lighter, bigger, faster to assemble and disassemble. Screen Visions has been pioneering these changes for 30 years and is ideally positioned to take on future challenges. Today, the media unit’s portfolio also includes the marketing of advertising time on video walls and digital promotion modules such as the Vidibox. As well, Screen Visions uses creative LED special constructions for numerous tours by well-known artists. Moreover, current projects and events continuously present new challenges for the Screen Visions team. At the current Europa League semi-final, for example, the world's largest 144 m² mobile video wall was used for the first time in Frankfurt's Commerzbank Arena. However, Managing Director Roger Rinke still has one dream which has yet to be realized: it would be for Screen Visions to be responsible for video systems at the Olympic Games. Who knows, perhaps this dream will become an LED reality at some point over the next 30 years.

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