Create something amazing with our special advertising formats

Are you looking to impress and delight target groups with unique, creative ideas, while establishing an all-new and memorable connection with the brand with an unprecedented concept? Then you’ll find the ideal platform for this with our special advertising formats. Whether digital giant billboards or innovative fan activations with Crowd Gaming – we’ll find exactly the right advertising medium for you.

Staying positively top of mind with your target groups with innovative ideas: special advertising formats were created for this very purpose. We’ll be happy to advise you in choosing the right advertising format for you and we’ll support you in its implementation.



Digital giant billboards connect with your audience thanks to their enormously sized imagery, a flexible choice of subject and the opportunity to interact with viewer using all the advantages of state-of-the-art out-of-home media.

The giant among the spectrum of available advertising media offers possibilities to change images and can also be used very effectively with animated content. There are also opportunities to involve passersby interactively. The digital giant billboard can also be optimally linked with other media. All of these advantages result in increased awareness of your brand.



Crowd Gaming involves your target audience in your advertising – in a completely new way – and has proven to increase your brand’s memorability. We open up and enable an extraordinary opportunity to connect with your target audience. Whether at concerts, festivals, sporting events or street festivals – Crowd Gaming transforms your stage into a gigantic gaming console! The audience is actively involved and interacts with the advertised product in a way that is much more intense and intimate. The advertising message is much more memorable and the target group is involved very closely with your brand.

Crowd Gaming can be set up in many different ways. The movement of the crowd is detected by cameras and then transferred to the play character, for example, to create direction changes or jumps. But detection isn’t only made possible via cameras, control can also take place via the loudness or volume level of the audience. In addition to camera and sound volume control, control via smartphones and tablets as wireless controllers and communication interfaces is also possible.

With us, you are provided with everything from a single source – programmers, the environment, screens.



Our Vidibox has already impressed audiences at several extraordinary events: our patented presentation module is, with the 16 m² LED screen, a real eye-catcher and can be tailored to your specific needs. Find out more here.




The Vidibox's is a presentation space, LED screen and exhibition stand – all in one. Our multifunctional presentation module is unique on the market and it impresses our clients – and their target groups – with its enormous flexibility thanks to intelligent construction approach.


Simply amazing: the digital giant billboard cannot be overlooked and, with its huge size, it ensures the highest possible awareness. A real eye-catcher – and one that invites interaction.


You can’t achieve any more activation than this: when thousands festival-goers look forward to the next break to give everything they’ve got during the Crowd Game hosted by you on our video wall, then you’ve done everything right.