Current advertising space offers on, at and in the immediate vicinity of LED screens

Secure the most coveted advertising space for your brand on, at and in the immediate vicinity of our LED screens in the context of the largest music and sports events in 2017.


Our offers are written in German. If you need an offer in English please contact us.


Europe's largest club festival takes place at the Kiez in Hamburg. Over 2,500 artists perform on 4 days in 90 clubs. 50,000 music lovers then make a pilgrimage to the Reeperbahn and attend specialist lectures and concerts. Book your commercial on the screen at Spielbudenplatz, the heart of the festival.

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Festivals rank among the most popular events during the year. They allow advertisers to capitalise on direct contact with their customers. We’ll play your commercials at least four times per day and per festival – on the LED screens right next to the stage.

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Every year Berlin invites to the largest New Year's open-air party in the world at the Brandenburger Tor. With enthusiasm a million people celebrate the new year. We bring the biggest New Year party in the world to market.

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Along the A3 between Cologne and Frankfurt, you’ll see Germany's first, largest and only LED advertising tower on a Federal Autobahn. With a height of 35 m and an advertising area of 180 m² per side, it is clearly visible from a great distance. And every single day, if offers 224,000 contact opportunities.

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