Formula 1 Hockenheimring

For the first time ever, we used biggest mobile videowall - the Black Pearl on the Hockenheimring. The “Black Pearl” features 144 square meters of active screen space for up to 4K high-definition content. The image resolution is unique in this area with a 4.8 millimeter pixel enabling even short viewing distances.

Next to the Black Pearl we have also used our new Upad Material one again. The module is exceptionally resistant and allows use in strong winds and poor weather conditions. The UPAD III H5 has a carbon base frame in which 4 LED tiles are connected to the frame by means of a magnet and a safety catch.At the Hockenheimring, we used the new LED modules for a 4 x 21 m² advertising tower and two screens of 26 m² and 30 m² each in the paddocks. One of our longtime technicians, Stefan Graf, was on site and reported: “We needed very little staff for the quick set-up and were perfectly ready for all eventualities thanks to the exceptionally weather-resistant material.”

Moreover, we also delivered four mobile videowalls, with a size of 60sqm to 100sqm.

This year once again, we were responsible for playing content on the screens. During the race breaks, we ran exciting moving-image footage onto our new LED material from the backstage area, giving the fans a look behind the scenes. Interviews with the racers, broadcasting autograph sessions and DJs ensured that we were able to showcase the new LED generation’s amazing capabilities throughout the entire event.


Photography by Marcel Katz

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