Vidibox Storck

Since 1977, World Gratitude Day has been celebrated on 21 September. On this occasion, the Merci brand organised a very special personalisation campaign in Berlin and Oberhausen. Passers-by were given an opportunity to convey their personal message of gratitude not only with chocolate, but also via a 16m² LED screen. This was made possible by the Vidibox from Screen Visions, which was used for two days as a “thank you hub”.The Vidibox, Screen Visions’ patented presentation module, became a place for very special messages of thanks for the Merci chocolate brand’s out-of-home campaign on 20 and 21 September. The “thank you hub” was used for the two-day campaign simultaneously in the Centro in Oberhausen and in the Sony Center in Berlin. Passers-by had the opportunity to personalise a package of Merci chocolates in the Vidibox and to record the message of thanks with a souvenir photo. Screen Visions divided the branded Vidibox into two areas. As a first step, visitors could personalise and print a Merci package label with a name. The second section of the Vidibox was designed as a photo box. The photos were given a personal thank-you message and name and could then be admired on the 16 m² LED screen on the upper part of the Vidibox. In addition to the photos, an explanation video was also shown on the LED wall, demonstrating the “thank you” campaign. Screen Visions used the Vidibox as a multifunctional promotion module to create a strong brand image for Merci – enticing passers-by with its eye-catching image. Both in Oberhausen and in Berlin, the Screen Visions’ Vidibox attracted everyone’s attention as a “thank you hub”, leaving behind a multitude of personal messages of thanks and special “Merci” moments. 

Photography by Daniel Königs, Ralf Rühmeier

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