Streetlife Festival



With the Vidicube, Screen Visions delivered a memorable visual experience at the Streetlife Festival in Munich. The mobile presentation module was selected for use as a high-impact eye-catcher for Canon’s brand presentation.


Every year, for both the organisers and the exhibitors, setting up the Streetlife Festival represents a major logistical challenge – since Ludwig- and Leopoldstraße can only be closed to traffic four hours before the festival start.

The solution: the Vidicube from Screen Visions and the Spectra special vehicle builder. “With its fast and simple design, the Vidicube was exactly what was needed. The large LED screens were ideal to capture the visitors’ attention and perfectly suited for great image transmission,” explains project manager Sahra Röder.


The three LED walls integrated into the roof attracted attention to the Canon brand world: impressions from the Streetlife Festival were transmitted directly to the two side screens of the promotional stand and provided highly effective staging. The nine-square-metre front screen presented commercials for the company. In the open-plan presentation area, the lower part of the Vidicube, visitors could get to know Canon’s product range and inform themselves on cameras and lenses. Additionally, the cameras could be loaned out directly for practice tests. With its high-quality paintwork, the Vidicube was elegantly integrated into Canon’s overall presentation successfully met the expectation of a very modern and appealing design.

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