Dancing for a good cause

At this year's COLOURS – International Dance Festival, from June 25 to July 12, ScreenVisions, together with Roth & Lorenz and Veleum, staged the high-profile, public premiere of the CSR initiative “Dance for Good” on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz Bank.


At the heart of the campaign: the Vidibox. The patented outdoor LED video and audio system was rapidly transformed into a dance box – specially designed for the campaign. During the entire period of the campaign, it was set up at the Stuttgart Rothebühlplatz and accessible to everyone. The idea behind the campaign is that people could get involved to do good for other people by dancing. Inside the Vidibox, each and every visitor had an opportunity to make the world a little bit better – with six seconds of rhythmic movement and their own dance-for-good video. For each video, the Mercedes-Benz Bank donated six euros to a dance project for disadvantaged youth and refugees arriving in Germany without their parents. The project was also given great support by celebrities such as the two VfB soccer players Christian Gentner and Philip Heise, along with the VfB mascot Fritzle, as well as Bartek from “Die Orsons” and Sam from “The Baseballs” who all hit the dance floor in the Vidibox.

The Vidibox is a presentation space, an LED screen and a show stand all in one. It is easy to transport, it can be set up within a short time and used anywhere – and it has excellent technology on board. The Vidibox’s enormous flexibility is thanks to its intelligent construction method: two 20-foot standard containers are placed one above the other. Both the interior and outdoor spaces can be designed individually. The Vidibox is multifunctional – in the truest sense of the word.

As a karaoke, product-dispensing or photo and dance box, it offers end-consumers real added value and the client an ideal platform for a perfect brand presentation.

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