Celebrations sets all new standards in the use of LED technology

25 years of German Unity: over the past weekend, Frankfurt on the Main celebrated reunification. More than a million people flocked to the Main metropolis to take part in the celebrations. Screen Visions also ensured that the visitors will always remember the anniversary as a unique experience. The supplier of AV solutions from Stuttgart equipped the celebration with all the right LED technology and set up an unprecedented LED show.


Overcoming boundaries – it is with this motto that the Anniversary of German Reunification took place this year. The event professionals from Screen Visions also overcame some big boundaries. They made possible what no one had ever dared even try. The specialists transformed the Frankfurt Untermainbrücke into a huge LED wall. On a total of 600 square metres of LED material, visitors could witness how German history was written. “There has never been a structure of this size. But for such a special occasion, it was clear that we wanted to do something really special,” explains Jeannette Molfenter, Managing Director at Screen Visions.



The huge LED wall came together with 300 square metres on each side of the bridge – so that visitors, upriver and downstream alike, could marvel at the production. On the screens which created a metaphorical metropolitan skyline, moments in German history were shown – from the construction of the Wall in 1961 to its fall in 1989 and beyond. Both video material and photo collages ensured emotionally charged excitement. Moreover, the 16 states were also presented on the LED walls. As a highlight, live images of events taking place around Frankfurt’s city centre and the Main River were incorporated to the show.



1,360 LED elements, a total of nearly 16 tons, attached to a steel structure from Stageco in the middle of the 252-metre-long Untermainbrücke – with these figures, the special structure presented ScreenVisions with several challenges. Just bringing the creative ideas together with the structural conditions called for the highest technical and visual expertise and savoir faire. The benchmark for logistical requirements was also very high. To ensure an impeccably uniform appearance, all of the LED elements had to come from a single production batch. Ensuring smooth operation on the otherwise highly frequented bridge called for additional know-how and manpower as well as close coordination between the various areas of responsibility. Two input signals per wall were received by the director and then brought together again on the modules with a pixel pitch of 20 mm.



Screen Visions didn’t only ensure visual highlights on the Main. At three other sites, the Stuttgart specialists built LED containers. And the Vidibox was back in action as well. With the ING-DiBa partner, it was an attention-getting Information Centre on the Zeil – a magnet for all the visitors who wanted to inquire about festivities and highlights between October 2 and 4. The Stuttgart agency Roth & Lorenz was responsible for the implementation of celebrations in Frankfurt. Together with Screen Visions and Phase 7, they planned the mega event and brought it to life.  In 2013, Roth & Lorenz and Screen Visions together proved that they are two strong event partners and successfully implemented celebrations for the Anniversary of German Reunification in Stuttgart.

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