Images in the mind and on screen

With the final concert of Liebe Live Tour 2015 on December 7 in Berlin, the rapper Sido’s successful concert series came to an end. Screen Visions, the Stuttgart specialists for AV systems, accompanied the artist across Germany together with their longstanding partner epicto. At all 30 tour stops they made sure that the images – just like in one of Sido’s songs – could be seen not only in the mind, but also on the screens in a high quality.


At large venues such as the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin, the Sparkassen Arena in Kiel and the Nordseehalle Emde, special LED modules were used. A total of 220 square metres of the latest 10 mm LED material was installed. This material had premiered with Screen Visions in Baku at the 1st European Games. Another icing on the cake was the newly acquired 3.9 millimetre LED system. Two DJ consoles each occupied 3 square meters of the scene. The special feature here is that the modules are flexible and fully adaptable – so nothing stands in the way of having convex and concave shapes on stages around the world.



Together with the United Network Development Planning Office (U.N.D.) and the Jäckle/Krauch duo who developed the lighting and stage design, the Sido Tour was planned in epicto’s laboratory down to the last detail. A complete stage model was built there in a 1:10 scale model, the lighting programmed and the videos were run. A state-of-the-art virtual studio such as theirs provides an opportunity to check the technical settings for a show down to the smallest detail. And this enabled a flawless show for the Sido Tour concerts. epicto also supplied the complete control consoles. The use of three cameras and an MA VPU media server rounded off the package from the full-service provider, ensuring a perfect overall picture, together with the use of LED modules from Screen Visions. The U.N.D technical planning office from Heidelberg was responsible for the tour’s technical planning.

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